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#8, February 2011
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Restoring an icon
of academic identity

Fundraising efforts underway to protect the architectural inheritance of Ukraines most celebrated university

n the early 1990s one of the most potent symbols of Ukraines reemerging independent identity was the return of Kyiv Mohyla Academy as the nations flagship university. However, while patriots toasted the return of an institute which had for centuries served as a seat of learning for Ukraines leaders, the sheer scale of the task was daunting. During the Soviet period many of the academys older buildings had been neglected and allowed to fall into a state of disrepair, but with priority given in the early 1990s to getting undergraduates back into the classroom as quickly as possible, large scale restoration works addressing the universitys infrastructure problems had to take a back seat. Twenty years later, the issue of architectural upkeep is once again moving to the top of the Kyiv Mohyla Academys agenda as university leaders look to protect the institutes priceless architectural and spiritual inheritance. more...


Kyiv-Mohyla Business School Rated No. 1 by Kyiv Post.

Photo of Dean of KMBS Oleksandr SavrukKyiv Mohyla Business School was named Best MBA Program for the year 2010 by the Kyiv Post. More information at

For the last ten years Kyiv Post established a tradition to issue awards to individuals, organizations and businesses that contribute to the development of Ukraine. As one of Ukraines top reliable news sources, the surveys conducted by Kyiv Post are highly regarded and trusted.

A panel consisting of 21 to 39 community and business leaders and 1,000 online voters cast their ballots to determine awards in various categories related to lasting contributions to Ukraine in various areas.

Kyiv Mohyla Business School (For more info was established in 1999 to educate business leaders who make lasting contributions to Ukraine and the world, with a focus on the highest quality learning, leadership with an international perspective and social responsibility. more...


Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Hosts Cardinal Lubomyr Huzar

Patriarch and Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, Cardinal Lubomyr HuzarPatriarch and Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church, Cardinal Lubomyr Huzar met with Kyiv students at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on February 15. The meeting was organized by the Obnova Organization of Catholic Students.

The topics discussed in the Cardinals presentation and round table discussion were directed at the issue and meaning of freedom. Two sentences that were quoted by Cardinal Huzar and defined the essence of the message were, You will know the truth and it will set you free (John 8:32) The only tyrant a person has is ignorance (Victor Hugo). Patriarch Lubomyr Huzar stated that, The Church and the University are the places where young people will find freedom. more...



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Video Clip About Kyiv-Mohyla Library

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