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#24, November 2012

MBA in Agribusiness Launched at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

Agro-MBAKyiv Mohyla Business School kmbs announced the launch of a new Masters program focused on management of the agricultural sector. The MBA program in Agribusiness is scheduled to begin on February 28, 2013.

Svetlana Horbenko was appointed as the new Director of the MBA Program in Agribusiness.

The program will include the study of food and agribusiness systems, management problems, consumer trends, technological advances, public policy issues, food safety and risk management.

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Judaica Masters Program Made Possible by Donation of James Temerty

Dr. Oleksiy KhanrajWith financial support of the Academys long-time friend, advisor and major donor James C. Temerty, the university established the Masters Program in Jewish Studies, the first such program in Ukraine, and appointed Oleksiy Khamraj, Doctor of Philology, as the Head Master of the program in Jewish Studies at the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy".

James C. TemertyIn addition, at the initiative of Vitali Chernovianenko, Kyiv Mohyla faculty member in the History Department and graduate of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, a new academic journal titled Judaica Ukrainica will be published by the university. This journal will be Ukraines first continuous academic collection of academic publications on Judaica. The publication will have international status, a professional editorial board that will include well-known researchers and historians from different countries, and each article will undergo the process of independent peer review. Articles will be published in three languages.

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Kyiv-Mohyla Graduates Rated Among Top-10 Best Young Lawyers

Anna Babych, Andriy Stelmashchuk and Oleh Marchenko, graduates of Kyiv-Mohyla School of Law ranked in the list of Top-10 Best Young lawyers in Ukraine, according to a recent Kyiv-Post survey.

More than 100 nominations from 20 leading law firms in Ukraine were submitted for consideration. Participants are ranked in the criteria of reputation, experience, knowledge and understanding of the law. Top ranking lawyers are approximately thirty years old, and partners in a law firm with ten years of legal experience. More than half of participants rated were educated abroad.

Anna BabychAnna Babych is a partner at Vasil Kisil & Partners. Her practice is in corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and competition, capital markets. Her clients include major international and Ukrainian corporations. She graduated form Kyiv Mohyla Law School in 2005.

Andriy StelmashchukAndriy Stelmashchuk is a partner at Vasil Kisil & Partners. His practice is in dispute resolution and tax. He holds a Masters degree in Law from National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, 2005. His clients include major international and Ukrainian firms.

Oleh MarchenkoOleh Marchenko is the managing partner at Ulysses. His practice is in tax, banking & finance, dispute resolution. He holds a Law degree from National Economic University and degrees in Sociology and Economics from National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy. He represents a long list of international clients.

Kyiv Mohyla Press Publishes Book by Aleksandra Hnatiuk, Diplomat and University Professor

Aleksandra HnatiukThe Kyiv Mohyla Academy Publishing House Dukh i Litera published the book of essays, Between Literature and Politics Essays and Intermedia, by Aleksandra Hnatiuk, PhD. The book presentation is scheduled for November 22nd.

The book can be purchased at Kyiv Mohyla Academy Publishing House Dukh i Litera web site, or it can be viewed online at Publishing House web site

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Kyiv Mohyla School of Public Health Conducts Blood Drive

The Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public HealthThe Kyiv Oblast Centers Department of Blood Collection established its ambulatory station at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy on November 2, 2012 to collect blood from students at the university. A total of 42 liters of blood were collected from 86 volunteers.

The Kyiv-Mohyla School of Public Health founded a Blood Donors Club three years ago to popularize the idea volunteerism during blood drives among Ukraines population. The Club maintains a digital bank of information on donor contacts that is available to the patients in need of blood transfusions.

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