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#22, July 2012
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Support for Music and Performing Arts
at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Alexander Dmytriw Endowment Fund

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Choral Ensemble "Capella Pochayna" and Symphony Orhestra. Director Zhyhun Oleksander.

In 2010, Julia Dmytriw established the Alexander Dmytriw Endowment Fund in honor of her husband's memory, to support educational programs in music and performing arts at National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Friends and the Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation contributed to the fund's current principal of $12,000 dollars.

The first recipients of a $2,000 dollar grant awarded in June 2012 were the University Ensemble of Ancient Music and the University Academic Choral Ensemble known as "Capella Pochayna". The grant will be awarded annually.

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Kyiv-Mohyla Library
Receives Significant Oriental Studies
Book Collection

Dr. Jaroslav Stetkevych and Dr. Suzanne Pinckney StetkevychProminent academics Dr. Jaroslav Stetkevych and Dr. Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych recently donated their personal library of Oriental and Arabic Studies to the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Their sizeable gift is a major contribution to Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Library, an integral part of the university's Omeljan Pritsak Research Center for Oriental Studies.

“Every gift and donation is a meaningful contribution, but the gift of over two thousand books specifically dedicated to one field of studies, many of them rare books, is a major contribution to Ukraine's educational and research efforts, and a scholarly contribution of national significance,” said Dr. Tetiana Yaroshenko, director of Kyiv-Mohyla Academic Library.

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When the Impossible Becomes Possible

Education is the key to the future In 2011-2012 the university blocked a Ministry of Education regressive proposed legislation on higher education, and drafted an alternative draft law. NaUKMA gained legal property rights to two of its historic buildings, and to a building for student housing and land outside of Kyiv.

In June 2012 NaUKMA proudly awarded 1104 degrees to graduates, including Bachelors, Masters, Specialists, MBAs, and doctorates. NaUKMA ranked on top of all national university surveys. New programs were established supported by European Union and Alumni Association grants, and general donations.

Highly competitive admission standards, an excellent faculty, and a strong Alumni Association reinforce the university's academic standing and future.

Thank you for your support. Please consider making a donation, make a legacy gift in your Last Will and Testament, or establish an Endowment in your name, a Memorial or Trust.

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