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An Initiative of the Kyiv Mohyla Library and Kyiv Mohyla Foundation

Electronic library - An Initiative of the Kyiv Mohyla Library and Kyiv Mohyla FoundationWith funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID,) the Kyiv Mohyla Foundation, partnering with the Library of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and with collaboration of experts from Northwestern University, established the Electronic Library of Ukraine (ELibUkr©) in 2009 (;

ELibUkr is a nation-wide linked Electronic Library network that provides access to the world’s digitized network of academic and research information. The project includes increased access to the world’s databases and to Ukrainian national digital depositories, technical and management infrastructure, assistance and training of librarians and users, and university collaboration with and among academic, business, government and civic institutions.

ELibUkr has achieved and surpassed its stated goals for the first year. The first year plan called for the establishment of necessary infrastructure, access to basic global data bases, training of trainers and users, and the participation of three major universities. By the end of the first year, the project serves seven major academic libraries through a central server and a strategically designed portal/webpage. The ELibUkr provides access to a variety of paid and free data bases for the members of the university consortium. The project’s executive board conducted 64 training sessions throughout Ukraine. One of the most exciting achievements of the project in its first year has been the formation of a collaborative spirit and organization of the country’s university library directors and librarians.

Members of the academic consortium include seven major academic libraries: National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy , Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, V.N. Karazin National Kharkiv University, Donetsk National Technical University , Sumy State University , Ukrainian Academy of Banking , and Volyn National University of Lesya Ukrainka. The E-Library consortium of universities is expanding and all universities are welcomed to join. Expanded membership is intended to provide digitized information to the academic community and to visitors from the public as well.

This is a critical time for Ukraine due to numerous factors, including growing foreign influence, misinformation and the lack of accurate information. The ELibUkr project will have national and international implications on the development of a civil society, organizational behavior, public administration, and management in public and private affairs. Unbiased, transparent information is crucial to the future of Ukraine.

Marta Farion President of KMFA, Chairman of the Board of the ELibUkr© Project, Ambassador William Green Miller Co-Chairman of KMFA, Ambassador William Taylor, Dr. Serhij Kvit President of NaUKMA, Ambassador Borys Tarasyuk Co-Chairman of KMFA, Chairman of the Parliament Committee for European Integration

The management of ELibUkr is continuously pursuing necessary funding to continue its work. Great nations support and finance their libraries because they understand their indispensable role and consequence in nation-building. The Kyiv Mohyla Foundation is continually promoting funding for the ELibUkr project from the Ukrainian government. It is hoped that the Ukrainian government will do what governments of other countries do - support the country’s electronic libraries so that Ukraine can achieve international academic, economic and political integration, standards and competitiveness. Support from individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations is sought for this nation-wide endeavor.

The support and enthusiasm of the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy for this nation-wide project and its goals has been the key to the project’s sustainability and success. The project has developed and succeeded through the tireless efforts of the project’s executive director, Tetiana Yaroshenko, and the executive management team, and the support of the board of directors and advisors.

Electronic Library of Ukraine – ELibUkr

Board of Directors

Marta Farion, Chairman - Pesident of Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America
William Green Miller – Former Ambassador of the United States to Ukraine, Co-Chairman of Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America
Vyacheslav S. Bryukhovetsky – Honorary President of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Serhiy Kvit - President of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Vil S. Bakirov - President of V.N. Karazin National Kharkiv University
Stepan Melnychuk - President of Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University

Executive Management Board (EMB)

Tetiana Yaroshenko, Executive Director – Vice-President for IT and University Librarian of National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Oksana Bruy, Executive Coordinator - Deputy Director of NaUKMA Library for Automatization
Oksana Khanas, Financial Manager -Treasurer of Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America
Oleksandr Kostyuk, Technical Director - Director of NaUKMA Center for InformationTechnology Innovation.
Oleksiy Vasyliev, Technical Expert - President of Ukrainian Association “Informatio Consortium”
David Bishop , Consultant on Coordination of Technical, Information and Library Matters - University Librarian Emeritus, Northwestern University
Oleh Shyliuk, EMB Member - Deputy Director of the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University Library
Irina Zhuravlova, EMB Member - Director of the Central Research Library of V.N. Karazin National Kharkiv University
Tatiana Chorna, EMB Member - Coordinator of Library Matters, NaUKMA.

Board of Advisors (in alphabetical order)

Olesia Arkhypska - Director of Information and Communication at International Renaissance Foundation (Ukraine)
Adriana Pilecky-Dekajlo - Director, ILS Implementation - Ex Libris North America
Christopher Fitzgerald - Counselor of Public Affairs, Embassy of the United States in Ukraine
Morris Friedman - President of the American Library Association (2002-2003)
Bohdan Kantor - Information Technology Services, Library of Congress
Rimma Kupryte - Director of the International Consortium
Ulana Mazurkevych - President of the Philadelphia Committee for Human Rights in Ukraine
Ann Okerson - Associate University Librarian for Collections and International Programs Yale University
Oleksandr Orjekhov – Chief of Technical Services, Microsoft Ukraine
Valentina Pashkova - President of the Association of Librarians of Ukraine (1995-2001, 2006-2009)
Michael Radnor - Center of Technology and Information Management at Northwestern Univesity
Borys Tarasiuk - Former Minister of Foreign Relations of Ukraine, Head of the Parliamentary committee on European Integration - Co-Chairman of Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America
Mykhailo Volynec - Member of the Parliament of Ukraine
Morgan Williams - President of US-Ukraine Business Council

Marta Farion
Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America – President
Electronic Library of Ukraine - Chairman

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